Belle Carpets & Rugs and Belle Art Gallery began in 1953. Ketty and Svend Aage Jensen opened Horsens Kunstgalleri in the city of Horsens. From that location they sold classic Danish art of, among others, the famous Skagen painters.

They also purchased estates and sold antique furniture and oriental rugs.


In 1968, their daughter, Hanne Munkholm, opened Belle Kunst by the village Stouby, north of Vejle Fjord. She further developed the experience she had gained, in the family business and during her apprenticeship at the famous textile company Harald Rix in the city of Horsens.


In 1976, Henning Munkholm left his job as a typographer in Horsens and entered the family business. In 1976, Hanne and Henning Munkholm travelled to Iran for the first time and the business in handmade Oriental carpets began to take off.

Despite its size, the company gained great recognition, both locally and nationally, for its excellent service and professional expertise in the area of carpets.

1988 - 1990

In 1988 Helle Munkholm, their daughter, entered the family business after completing her trade training as a hardware sales assistant in Vejle. In 1989 the family bought Horsens Kunstgalleri from the grandparents.

In 1990 they reopened Horsens Kunstgalleri as a gallery of modern art and Oriental carpet showroom, after a major refurbishment and renovation of the shop.

1991 - 2020

In 1991 their son Martin Munkholm entered the family business, after completing his trade training as a carpet dealer in the free port of Hamburg. Since then, the siblings have run Horsens Kunstgalleri together and they assumed ownership of the shop in 2001. They work closely with their parents at Belle Kunst, only 20 km from the town of Horsens. In 2010 the Munkholm family coordinated the succession to the next generation.

At the same time the premises became too small for their full range of art and Oriental carpets at both stores. The family decided, in early 2011, to build a new gallery next to the existing gallery Belle Kunst in the unique surroundings of Stouby,between Vejle, Horsens and Juelsminde. The new building was completed in 2012 and houses the new art gallery: Belle Art Gallery. The existing building built in 1868, houses the specialist shop of Oriental carpets, rugs and kilims: Belle Carpets & Rugs. The Munkholm family continues to improve their business.

they will continue to deal in the same two categories of Fine Art and high-end Oriental carpets and rugs in which they have great experience. The business will continue to operate from two dedicated buildings as the newly re-branded Belle Art Gallery and Belle Carpets & Rugs.

In December 2017, Helle’s daughter, Trine, started as a family apprentice after a number of foreign trips she completed after her high school.

Belle Carpets & Rugs now deals with the following in 4 generations:

  • Special exhibitions focusing on selected carpet types and kilims
  • Trade with authentic Persian / oriental carpets and rugs that are handmade in the Orient.
  • Trade with authentic Persian / oriental kilims, that are woven in the Orient.
  • Trade in Edelgrund carpets and kilims, made in Iran.
  • Trading of accessories, including underlay for carpets and kilims.
  • Trade in Persian glass and ceramics.
  • Carpet market with purchase, sale and exchange service for carpets, kilims and crafts from the Orient.
  • Wash and repair service for oriental carpets and kilims.
  • Assessment service for carpets, rugs and kilim.